Savannah Bee Company will sweeten your day

Mary Ingersoll, head cheesemonger at Alon’s Bakery & Market, recently had the opportunity to visit the bee garden at Savannah Bee Company, a producer of the artisan honey selection available at Alon’s. Visiting with Ted Dennard, founder and head beekeeper, Mary immersed herself in the philosophy behind the company, and caught a glimpse inside how bees live and work, experiencing firsthand the passion Savannah Bee Company has and shares with the community. The observation hive on-site is the same model the company uses for its Bee Cause Project, an organization with a goal to install observation hives in schools across the United States. The hives bring education to younger generations allowing an inside view of how bees operate and interact, and the importance they bring to the world.

If you can’t make a trip over to Savannah, several selections of the unique honey are available right here in our market, including:

Acacia Honey – From the highlands of Hungry, this honey is light with a hint of vanilla.

Wildflower Honey – A treat that originates from the mountains of Georgia and eastern Tennessee. A combination of Gallberry, white holly, sawtooth palmetto and tulip poplar makes this honey rich and delicious.

Lavender Honey – Coming to us from southern Spain, this delicate honey has a slight floral aroma with a hint of fruity flavor. It’s a perfect substitute for sugar when baking.

Orange Blossom Honey – This delight comes to us from Florida and South Georgia. A perfect addition to a bowl of fruit, this aromatic honey is fruity and floral.

Tupelo Honey – A rare honey from the southeastern swamps, which are home to the White Tupelo trees. It’s the gold standard of honey with a rich golden, buttery, mellow sweetness.

Also look for Savannah Bee honeycomb and honey straws at both Morningside and Dunwoody markets. We hope to see you soon!

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