Our Caramels

Today we made some delicious caramels, and we would like to share with your how we did it! Our caramels are made with sugar, corn syrup, cream, butter, honey, vanilla beans and salt. The process of making it starts by dissolving the corn syrup with sugar and honey, then bringing it to a boil until it reaches the perfect color in order to get to the flavor profile we are looking for. Next, the cream gets infused with the scrumptious speckles of grated vanilla bean and salt. The next part involves taking the hot infused cream and slowly pouring into the caramel. We do this slowly so that the caramel does not over flow the pan. We want the mixture to continue to boil, and when all the cream is added, we cook the mixture to 118 degrees Celsius. The caramel gets poured into stainless steel frames and is cooled overnight. In the morning we cut the caramel sheet to small squares, and then we dip delectable each piece into a Valrhona chocolate, and top it with flakes of Maldon salt.

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